Saturday, January 17, 2015

Egg and Pepper Scramble

If this post makes no sense at all I apologize. I have the flu, despite getting the flu shot, am running and fever and am currently still in my pajamas (I never stay in my PJ's). I am determined to do some catching up on the blog this weekend.

Whenever I get sick I have to force myself to eat. Somehow when my temperature is above 100F nothing sounds appetizing. Instead of just skipping dinner last night, which I knew wouldn't be good, I whipped up two scrambled eggs (good for the tummy) and threw in about 1/4 cup red and orange sliced peppers. I cracked the eggs and mixed the bell peppers in with the uncooked eggs. I wanted the bell peppers to be warm too. I cooked both over a medium heat and stirred often. I also sprinkled them with some freshly ground pepper while they were cooking. 

Trying to please my mother I also had two gluten free strawberry and blueberry muffins (only 51 calories a muffin!). Those are gentle on the stomach too and paired well with the eggs. The muffins are really moist and taste like cake. I highly recommend them!

Thankfully I have a good nurse who provides a lot of puppy kisses to make me feel better. I am going to get working on typing up some more recipes to post, so have a great weekend! 

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