Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Meal Prep: Salmon Salad

The cold weather can stop any time. I am not one to generally complain but this cold weather has been really really cold. Props to anyone from Boston or Maine I would have fled for California a long time ago. I tolerate snow but when its frigidly cold out not even my lupus medicine can stop the aching in my hands. Which is precisely why I plan on moving somewhere warm someday. 

I have been doing a decent amount of cooking and meal prepping recently. With a zillion things going on at the same time it can make healthy eating hard. Meal prep makes it a lot easier. Over the weekend I baked a few salmon fillets to have throughout the week. I have been loving having salmon in my salads recently. Not only does it pack a protein punch it also contains omega-3's which are great for your brain. 

This salad is my go to and definitely one of my favorites. All it is is 2 cups organic spring mix lettuce, a few slices of roma tomato, 2 red onion slices- separated, 1 4oz salmon fillet baked and seasoned with lemon and herb season and fish seasoning and topped with 1 tablespoon of feta cheese. Sometimes I will throw sliced almonds or walnuts in and dried cranberries are really good too. 

To keep the salad part from getting soggy I keep the prepared salmon in one container and the prepped salads in different containers. In the morning before I head out the door or if I am home for lunch I just take one salmon fillet chop it up, usually heat it up (if I can) and then throw it in the salad container. Add an apple or greek yogurt and you have a great healthy lunch that will prevent the 2pm crash! 

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