Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gluten Free Airport Breakfast

I have so many posts lined up to write about Maui because I want to share all the food, sites and adventures I got to experience, plus leave you with tips about traveling gluten free and things you have to do in Maui (bonus they are free or dirt cheap!). I blogged while I was in Maui, but for the most part I took a blogging vacay to enjoy Maui to the fullest. Since I have so much to share I wanted to start at the beginning. 

I have flown enough times to know airport food stinks. There are few, if any healthy options, mostly because people are generally in a rush. Some airports are getting better- shout out to LAX who in terminal 5 has a mini farmers market packed with delicious and nutritious options! 

My parents and I flew out separately, because there is a small airport by where I go to college, but we met up in LA. I flew out at night after my classes for the day were finished and then we had a really early flight the next morning to Maui. Before traveling I planned out food for both the trip to Maui and back. For a healthy and gluten free breakfast I packed oatmeal to go cups (I also packed plastic silver ware fork, knife and spoon and some napkins because you can get plastic silverware through TSA). I love the straw propeller kind because they are lower in sugar and carbs than other gluten free oatmeals, but they're still high in protein. All you have to do is add hot water to the cup, let it sit for two minutes and BAM you have hot, delicious oatmeal. You can get a cup of hot water free at any coffee place in the airport- you can use cold water, but I prefer hot oatmeal. 

Bananas are the one item you can find in any airport- I've yet to go to an airport where I couldn't find a banana (and I've been to a lot of airports!) I picked up a banana and used my plastic knife to cut it into chunks to put into my oatmeal. I had an extra oatmeal cup packed for the trip back from Maui because we took a redeye flight out of there. Again I picked up a banana and used my plastic silverware. 

Another thing I always pack is snacks, both for the plane and for my time in Maui. For the plane I packed Kind Bars, Jif naturals to-go cups, and rice cakes. For my time in Maui I packed two boxes of Quest Bars- both for after a workout and for when I was out adventuring and got hungry and needed a protein boost.

Typical plane photo, I know. I love flying into cities at night because I love looking at the lights. The lights twinkle and glow and seem so magical. There is something so beautiful about seeing a city from above! L.A. is one of my favorites cities to fly into a night, what is yours? And tell me what you like to pack to avoid airport food and snacks! 


  1. Flying over cities at night really is magical, isn't' it? Great photo :)

    1. Thank you so much! It really is so beautiful flying over cities at night, I am glad I am not the only one who enjoys the experience! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and have a terrific day :)