Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hawaiian Açai Bowl

Açai bowls= deliciousness! I still cannot believe I never had an acai bowl until now. THEY ARE AMAZING! I am pretty sure I could eat an açai bowl every day and not get tired of them. 

There is a little coffee chain in Hawaii called Island Vintage Coffee, and if you're ever in Hawaii you must find one! I don't like coffee, but they have all kinds of food, which is all organic, fresh and made with local ingredients. They have the absolute best açai bowls and their tropical iced tea is out of this world! Their açai bowl is huge and layered with a ton of açai, homemade granola, banana slices, strawberry slices, blueberries and fresh local honey. It is an explosion of all things amazing and delicious in your mouth. I never want to leave simply because I know I will not find an açai bowl that comes close theirs.


  1. This looks super duper delicious. I'm rather intrigued!

    1. You HAVE to try an açai bowl if you've never had one before! It is beyond delicious!