Friday, August 21, 2015

Bai5 Molokai Coconut Review

I follow a lot of foodies and fitness people on instagram and I love seeing food or drinks they try. If I was made of money I would spend a TON on food because I always see new products I want to try, but I'm in college and I'm broke. 

However I did manage to get my hands on a Bai5 drink and was super excited because one of my friends LOVES these drinks. She lives in Florida, aka land of permanently frizzy hair, and kept telling me I had to find one of their drinks. I happened to go into a health food market and see bai5 so of course I picked one up! I tried the Molokai Coconut flavor and it did not disappoint! 

I love flavored water, but this was definitely not flavored water. It really tasted like the juice inside of a coconut except this is way better for you. It's only 5 calories per serving- there's one serving in a 11.5 oz bottle- and was perfect for sipping down by the lake on a 90F degree day. The macros for a serving are 9C/0F/0P pretty awesome right?

Bai5 isn't packed with hard to pronounce ingredients, but it is packed with antioxidants that I have no problem putting in my body. It's delicious to drink straight and I hope to find it again because I want to mix it into smoothies and baked goods. 

Overall I would give Molokai Coconut 10/10 because it was delicious and very refreshing. I have had some flavored waters that have left me even thirstier after drinking, but Bai5 didn't do that. The flavor was perfectly tropical- I've been to Molokai and I think everyone on Molokai would give it two thumbs up! 

If you want more information about Bai5 Molokai Coconut or any of their other products click here. This is NOT a sponsored post, I found a product and wanted to try it and give my honest opinion about it. However, if Bai5 wanted me to sample some of their other flavors I would not be opposed ;) 

Have you guys tried any of the Bai5 drinks? What do you think of them? 

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