Saturday, August 8, 2015

Whole Foods Salad Bar and Snack Time

Earlier this week I went in to the station to work on a news package. I got caught up in writing and editing and before I knew it it was lunchtime. I'm always the girl who brings her lunch in to work, but I never anticipated being there that long so I was lunchless, which isn't a big deal because there are a plethora of food options in the area. 

A few of my out of state friends always brag about the Whole Foods salad bar and there happens to be a Whole Foods less than 10 minutes from the station. I decided to meet up with some people there and have lunch. Note to self never go to Whole Foods at noon because it was insane! There was way too many people there and it was just too hectic for my liking.

I went for the salad bar while some of the others hit up the hot bar. I didn't make a huge salad, but I did load up on the toppings. I mixed spinach and romaine lettuce and topped it with shredded carrots, peas, dried cherries, tomatoes, fennel, some of their detox salad, beets, and some of their sesame ginger tofu- which is crazy delicious and I HIGHLY recommend! 

Funny story- so, after we paid we decided to eat in my car so we could have the A/C on because it was hot. While we were getting in a bee flew into the car and we were all freaking out, but we got the bee out without getting stung. BUT the bee came back when someone rolled down their window, the only problem was it wouldn't get out! By that point all of us had been eating and everyone started freaking out all over again, and of course one of the salads got bumped and half of it fell all over me. I ended up wearing half of a salad and it was all over the inside of my car. Needless to say once I got home and washed my dress I vacuumed out the inside of my car because there was tomatoes and tofu spilled everywhere. That bee was probably watching and laughing at our stupidity, haha. My dress and car washed up just fine so it's all good! 

After my car and dress were cleaned I was a little hungry, but didn't want to ruin my appetite for dinner so I had a light snack. I had one of my favorite carbmaster yogurts (found at Kroger) and topped it with a teaspoon of Purely Elizabeth blueberry granola- SO SO GOOD! 


  1. The sesame ginger tofu is my all-time favorite!! Looks so tasty!

    1. I could seriously consume so much of that tofu!! Definitely my favorite thing from Whole Foods :) thanks for checking out my blog, have a wonderful day!