Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ab Circuit Workout (No Equipment Needed)

Happy Saturday friendly faces! Do you ever have those days when you get up and you need to run? That has been me recently. There has been so much jumbled up in my mind and running helps clear my mind. I don't have to think about anything but putting one foot in front of the other. 

This morning I hit the treadmill and pounded out four miles then walked for 20 minutes to cool down. After that I did an ab circuit workout I made up on the fly. I alternated circuits- one then two- and completed them 3 times each. I did each move to both sides (minus plank and toe touches). 

I tried taking workout pics and it was a major fail- hence my phone was leaned up against the wall on a weird low angle, so it looks like my butt it way up in the air for shoulder taps (which it's not). And yes my arm bends at a freakish angle because I'm double jointed. Some day I'll figure out the right angle, but for now try this workout! BONUS! You don't need any equipment and can do it at home!

Circuit 1:
35 Ab bikes (to each side)
35 Mountain climbers (to each side)
20 Straight leg sit up (to each side)
1 minute plank

Circuit 2:
20 Toe touches 
20 Spider push-ups (to each side)
20 Extended plank shoulder taps (to each side)
15 Diagonal jackknife crunch (to each side)

Repeat Circuits 3 times through

*For an added burn try holding the extended plank should taps (or one arm plank). 

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