Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bodyweight Workout 2.0

Happy Saturday! It's a rather rainy and blah day here, but I'm hoping it clears so I can see all of my BBG ladies for our workout later on. While I was designing the workout I tried to incorporate a wide variety of moves throughout the circuits to keep heart rates up and to keep things interesting. I get bored easily if I'm stuck doing the same thing over and over again, so I incorporated some moves the ladies might not be familiar with. When I don't know what an exercise is I usually Google it (so many exercises are called by multiple names), but has a fantastic exercise database. You can find exercises for any body part and they have videos demonstrating the moves, which I find incredibly helpful. I'm not being paid to say that or gaining anything by promoting their database, I just think it's a fantastic tool.

Let's talk about the workout real quick. It's a bodyweight workout so you can do it anywhere- at home, the gym, a hotel room, outside, etc.. Each circuit is made up of 6 moves that you will do for ONE MINUTE each, so grab a timer or your phone. Once you have completed a full round- arms, cardio, abs, legs- take a water break and catch your breath, but then jump back in for a second round. One round lasts 24 minutes. If you only have time for one round that's totally fine you will still get your sweat on (trust me), but I designed it to be done for two rounds- or three if you're feeling extra brave ;) 

If you try the workout tag me on instagram, use the hashtag #sweatwithrachael, or tag me Facebook! Happy sweating! 

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