Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thinking Out Loud

Happy pre-Friday! It's been a hot minute since I've joined in on the Thinking Out Loud Thursday so I figured I'd jump right back in because I'm lacking in the creativity department this week. I'm pretty sure my brain is still in vacation mode from the long weekend, but I'd appreciate it if it would wake up and decide to function properly. 

I've also been lacking inspiration for creating new recipes. For the past few weeks I've been eating pretty much the same thing so that's why there's been a lack of new recipes. Anyone else ever get in a creative rut? I'm hoping that some time in the kitchen tomorrow will help spark my creativity. If anyone has any suggestions of what they'd like to see comment and let me know! Anyway, onward to this weeks TOL!

I finally cracked and got a snapchat, I blame my best friend who sent me this snap. I have zero clue how it works and I don't send many snaps, but I like seeing everyone's snaps so if you want to add me my name is rachaelminer. On the rare occurrence that I do use it expect pictures of my dog or the lake.

Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market has become a sort of obsession. Their produce is so fresh and stays good for so long! I stopped in last week and they had all the goodies on sale so I stocked up. I got blueberries, Earth Balance coconut peanut butter (for a recipe I was making for a friend, PB is still a no go for this girl), goat cheese, avocados, gluten/dairy free trail mix, Vega protein pack (perfect size for traveling), sweet potatoes, a few snack bars, and daiya dairy free yogurt. Every single item was on sale so it was definitely a win!

Another recent obsession is Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. Life has been so busy so I haven't been able to get through very much, but what I have gotten through is really good. I've loved every single book I've read of Lysa's so I definitely recommend checking this one out. I was able to get a few minutes of reading in while a little boy I babysit napped. The family cat even hopped up on the couch to join me. 

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer so now that it's basically fall bring on ALL things pumpkin!! My pumpkin go to recently has been these pumpkin energy bites, I've even gotten requests to make them again. I'm sad to see summer go, but pumpkin is delicious and I'm excited for sweater weather. I am not excited for the snow that follows pumpkin season though. 

Guess what is still going strong?! My running streak. I talked a little about my running streak last week and I'm happy that it's still going (day 44). This week has been a much better running week for me. The biggest thing has been my hip flexor is finally getting better and I don't have horrific pain shooting down my side while I run. My times have gotten better too which I am so happy about, but I'm still being cautious because I don't want to push my hip flexor too much. On a side note I ate a bug while running yesterday and that was beyond gross! I was breathing and the thing flew in my mouth. I started coughing like a crazy lady but the dumb thing went down my throat. I never stopped running which made me look like even more of a crazy lady- I refuse to stop while running. I'm happy to say I finished my miles and the bug swallowing incident didn't even slow me down! 

I'll end things there, have a great Thursday!! Only one more day until it's the weekend!!


  1. Give me allll the pumpkin. Also, I hated snapchat. I couldn't get into it! And now that there is instastories, I have no need to it hahaa

    1. I'm hating snapchat too! I do not understand the point of it at all! Instastories are the same thing as snapchat so now I'm like do I do one and not the other or both? Way too many social media outlets

  2. Ooh I would really love to do a pumpkin ball energy bites. You should do a pumpkin themed flourless muffin? Oh, and I did have Snapchat, but last night I decided that instead of dividing my time between Insta stories, I would get rid of it.

    And that farmer's market? Oh boy, I could spend way too much money there. O_O

    1. That's a great idea Emily!! I'll have to start brainstorming for a flourless pumpkin muffin...snapchat and instastories are basically the same thing and I hardly use either. I like looking at everyone else's it's just my life is not that interesting so I don't have much to share. Luckily the farmers market is a little over 30 minutes from my house, but it's down the street from one of my doctors so I don't go often. I'd be very, very poor if I lived too close.

    2. Well..... I might beg to differ, but I think everybody has an interesting life, because God made us all different and unique. You don't have to be a Youtuber to have an interesting life. <3