Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thinking Out Loud

Happy Thinking Out Loud Thursday! I have been loving these TOL posts recently and I've gotten a lot of good feedback, so I'm going to continue with them. This weeks is longer than the previous weeks, but I guess I had to think about and share. Plus today's TOL falls on a very special day, which I talk about at the end of post. 

I'm all over the place again this week but that is kind of the point of these posts. I'm talking about fall, food, friends and of course Cora had to make an appearance. Are you ready for some randomness?  

1. Fall is officially here. Most people say fall starts after Labor Day, but technically the first day of fall is today. The leafs started changing ridiculously early (like middleish of August) this year. My neighbor said leafs can change color if the trees is stressed from lack of water. It has been a pretty dry summer in the midwest so it would make sense, but I have no clue if that is actually true. In any case I am loving the fall colors, but am not looking forward to raking and looking at naked trees for the next 6 months.

2. My obsession with sunsets continues. For the past week the sunsets have been absolutly stunning so I've been soaking them all in and of course capturing them. I've always wanted to live along the ocean so I could capture the sunset every night, plus I just love the ocean. A move to Cali or Hawaii is definitely in order 😉

3. Cora and I have been soaking up lots of sunshine because we know winter is right around the corner. It may be fall but the temperatures still feel like summer, it's been in the mid 80's all week, and I am going to enjoy every last second of it. If you have followed along on my instagram stories you have seen plenty pictures of Cora playing outside and swimming in the lake. She's such a ham for the camera<- not even kidding, she loves having her picture taken.

4. Ever since my boyfriend and I visited a cider mill last weekend I am dying to go back and take pictures. I didn't bring my camera when we went so I want to capture all the apples, fall colors and fall fun. Maybe one day I'll even get some pictures of us😄 When I travelled out to the west coast earlier this year people didn't know what a cider mill was and I was like WHAT?! Maybe it's a just a midwest or Michigan thing, but it's a must and I try to go every year. If you don't know what a cider mill is, it's basically an apple orchard where they make cider, you can pick your own apples, go on hay rides, go through a corn maze, drink lots of cider, and eat freshly made doughnuts (if you're not gluten intolerant). It's always a ton of fun and great place to go with family or friends, so if you're ever in the midwest go to a cider mill. 

5. Running has felt AMAZING recently! Monday I pounded out the most miles I have been able to since I tweaked my hip flexor awhile back. I have (not so patiently) been waiting for it heal while still running and let me tell you some days pounding out one mile has been hard. Tuesday I could tell it was bothered so I cut back on miles and pace but I hopped right back on board Wednesday and it felt amazing! I'm terrible at waiting for injuries to heal. I know I'm impatient, I've been told a few times. I also have a run streak going and I am not about to break it!! 

6. I don't like sweets but I must say Ben and Jerry's dairy free ice cream is pretty dang good😍 This is the only flavor I can have, the other ones contain gluten. I don't like coffee but this is ridiculously addicting, I may have had a few bites before lunch the other day and I have zero regrets😏

7. I may slightly obsessed with adding a sliver of Theo chocolate to my breakfast bowls😍 I don't add a sliver every morning but every once in awhile it's a great treat. The chocolate gets all melty because the oats are hot and then it runs over all the fruit and it's the BOMB! You must try it!  

8. Can I petition snapchat to bring the bunny filter back?! It was my favorite filter and I'm so sad that they took it away. I have been searching everywhere for a lip gloss/stick that is this color of pink. My best friend suggested a shade from Sephora but it's not made anymore so I'm back on the hunt😩 if you have any suggestions of where to look or shades please comment and let me know!

9. CAN IT PLEASE JUST BE FRIDAY!?!? I have been waiting for this weekend for a number of weeks because I am driving out to see my best friend for her birthday which is TODAY!! I have a whole day of surprises planned and I can't wait to celebrate with her!! She has been asking me to tell her what we are doing, but I refuse to- it's a surprise for a reason! I have been sending her hints on snapchat and she is not finding them nearly as amusing as I am😁

10. I'll end things here by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!! I hope you have the most amazing birthday ever because you are the most amazing person I know. You are the kindest, happiest, most selfless person and I'm thankful every day to have you in my life. You're the best best friend a girl could ask for💜 I can't wait to spend the weekend celebrating YOU🎉

What are your plans for this weekend? 
How do you celebrate your birthday? 


  1. The weather is starting to feel like Fall here, but I haven't really seen the leaves changing, that's one of my favorite parts about Fall. I like celebrating my Birthday by going out to dinner and trying a new restaurant.

    1. The leaves starting changing in mid August here, which is the earliest I ever remember seeing them change. Trying a new restaurant sounds like a mini birthday adventure! I tend to stick to a favorite restaurant so I know the food is good, but maybe next year I'll branch out and try a new one! Have a great weekend :)

  2. I'm loving watching sunsets right now too, it's one of my favorite things to do! Also adding chocolate to breakfast sounds like a great idea :)

    1. Watching the sun set is so beautiful and peaceful. I love taking that time to reflect on the goodness of God and his beautiful creation. Chocolate with breakfast is always a good idea ;) Have a great weekend!!

  3. I LOVE your sunset photos; they always make me wonder at how God's infinite wonder is just so beautiful.

    I love how you add chocolate to breakfast and that you found a Ben & Jerry's that you can eat. :)

    And some day, maybe I could go to a cider mill with you?

    1. Awe thank you Emily!! Sunsets are one of my favorite things to capture (besides butterflies and flowers). God's creation is so beautiful and his beauty always amazes me.
      I'm not an ice cream person, but every once in awhile I like to have a treat and this Ben and Jerry's is so good! I don't even like coffee but I think it's delicious!
      If you ever come to Michigan in the fall I will definitely take you to a cider mill! Have a great weekend Emily!