Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Weekend Dets and Eats

Happy Wednesday! Even though it's halfway through the week it's not too late to share a weekend dets and eats is it? It's been awhile since I've shared one and I had a pretty fun weekend for once that involved getting out and actually doing something-> wut🙆

Friday I was finally starting to feel a little bit better, this flare has been kicking my butt, but I was able to get normal food again. As much as I love oatmeal eating it for a week straight because it's the only thing I could keep down was a tad much. Friday I made a quick lunch before heading out to Grand Rapids for the weekend to celebrate one of my best friends birthdays. Lunch is one gluten free O'Dough's bagel thins topped with avocado, organic turkey breast, peach salsa, and goat cheese paired with a peach. 

After eating lunch and loading up the car I headed out to Grand Rapids. I was seriously craving Mexican food so we headed to On the Border for dinner. It was still happy hour when we got there and they had a special on margaritas so we got one and I split it with my boyfriend. I got a burrito bowl with chicken and it was SO GOOD😍 I didn't use the dressing that came with it but it seriously hit the spot and satisfied my Mexican craving (except I'm craving it again writing this).

We were pretty lame on Friday night and stayed in, hung out, and watched movies. Technically we watched Jeopardy first (because we are really 80 years old) but we were all getting angry because the categories were so stinking hard! I'm normally fairly decent at Jeopardy but the questions were ridiculously hard. Despite being up late I still hit the mini gym for a sweat ses before getting the day started. I got in four miles while upping the speed every few minutes and then I walked for a few minutes to cool down along with doing some stretching.

After cleaning up we headed over to my boyfriends cross country meet, which happened to be in Grand Rapids. We watched the guys race, holy smokes some of them are so fast!, and we stayed for most of the girls race before heading out to get some food and take a nap. After lunch and a mini nap we headed out to one of my all time favorite places- Grand Haven. I love being at the beach in Grand Haven because it's so relaxing, it's definitely one of my happy places. It was a gorgeous fall day with a light breeze and even though it was chilly it was perfect for walking along the beach and just enjoying each others company. 

By the time we left the beach it was getting close to dinner time, our stomachs let us know that loud and clear😋, so we headed to Carrabba's. I knew we were going to have a wait ahead of us because it was a Saturday night so I had part of the coconut chocolate rxbar I had packed, no one needs to be subjected to a hangry Rachael- it's not pretty😳 luckily I had a snack because we waited over an hour and a half to get our food and the restaurant was not even that busy. We were so frustrated because it was just pasta dishes and a salad for me. When we finally got our food there were pieces of chicken on mine that were not cooked all the way through and the dishes did not come out all at the same time. We were incredibly frustrated but luckily our waitress was great and the restaurant picked up our tab. Sadly we ended up getting food poisoning from there so needless to say Sunday and Monday were not a fun days and we will not be going back. 

By the time we left the restaurant we were frustrated (little did we know what was coming😳) and tired. We wanted to go out but we headed back for a quick nap first. Around 10 we headed downtown to head to Mojo's which is an awesome dueling piano bar in downtown Grand Rapids, but the place was packed so we ended up walking down the street to Z's Bar and Restaurant. It had a very chill atmosphere, the service was great and there were tons of TV's so we ended up watching the end of the MSU v. Maryland game as well as the OSU v. Penn State game, the cubs game and post game celebration, and the end of Red Wings game. We all ordered some drinks, I got a margaritas and it was one of the best margaritas I've ever had. It was so nice to just hangout together, relax and watch some sports- it was seriously an awesome night for sports🙌 next time we are in Grand Rapids we will definitely be hitting up Z's again. 

Despite not feeling the best we headed home Sunday morning. My food poisoning didn't hit until Sunday afternoon and it was not a fun 36 hours. Thankfully I am doing fine now, but I don't think anyone will want Italian food again for a very long time🙊

How was your weekend? 
Did you do anything or go anywhere?

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