Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thinking Out Loud #10

Happy Thursday friendly faces, does anyone else have election hangover? I'm glad the election is over because I was really, really tired of hearing about it 24/7 and I was really tired of being bombarded with political ads, but I was up way too late (like 2:30am😳) watching the results pour after working the polls. I have so much to share, but I'll keep this weeks thinking out loud brief and a recently post will be up tomorrow. Brace yourselves for the randomness...

1. My newest guilty pleasure is Amazon prime streaming. I have been a prime member for five years and this is the first time I have actually taken advantage of streaming TV shows and movies🙈 I got really sick of watching to the news in the mornings while I ran on the treadmill at the gym so I started watching The Newsroom. OH MY GOSH ITS SO GOOD!!! It's pretty accurate as far as what it's like to work in a newsroom. There is constant stress, looming deadlines, competitiveness, and big egos (especially in big TV markets). Definitely check it out, I highly recommend it. 

2. I feel like I should start this with "typical girl status" because I walked into Target for one bottle of ketchup and I walked out with a basket of stuff. In my defense they did have conditioner on sale for an awesome price so stocking up was the smart thing to do. I did find these waffles though and I did a happy dance because they're gluten and dairy free🙌 Of course I had to try them right away and they are really good! The box is already long gone, whoops😋 

3. Speaking of the election I actually worked the polls for the first time ever. It was a ridiculously long day, I was there from 6am until almost 10pm but it was pretty cool to see democracy in action. I bugged pretty much everyone I knew to register to vote and then get out and vote. I didn't care who they were voting for I simply wanted people to exercise their right to vote that so many people would give anything to have. Voting is not just your civic duty, it's a privilege that hundreds of thousands of men and women have sacrificed to protect. It's also important just so you can be an informed citizen. 

4. Up until yesterday the weather has been absolutely gorgeous and unseasonably warm. Of course I soaked up every possible minute of sunshine because I know cold and the dreaded snow is around the corner. Over the weekend my boyfriend and I headed to a cider mill and walked all around the orchard, pumpkin patch and various other areas. It was so nice just to be outside🍎 It's nice to be with someone who loves being outside and active as much as I do. Sometimes we just pick a park off Apple maps and go explore, we are pretty simple and easy to please.

5. I have started looking for a new pair of running shoes because mine are starting to get old. I've racked up a lot of miles on them so before my shoes totally die, or I hurt my feet, I'm looking to get a new pair. The Nike Air Zoom collection has been my go to for years, but the style I always get is being discontinued so I need suggestions on new shoes. I'm a Nike girl because I know they work well, but I will happily take suggestions on good shoes. 

6. I found this bad boy while browsing the baking isle at Kroger (doesn't everyone do that in their free time😂) I can't have Nutella but from what I've heard it's incredibly sugary tasting. This is basically Nutella but gluten, dairy and nut free. I mixed a little in with my morning oats and it's definitely good. I may do some baking with it during the holidays because it is a better option than Nutella, the macros aren't great but it's definitely better and has half the sugar. The sugar that is included is organic and not artificial. 

I'll end things on six this week because I have a feeling tomorrows recently post might get a little long. Have a terrific Thursday lovelies! 

What is your favorite show to watch?
Are you looking forward to the holiday season? Why or why not?

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