Thursday, May 18, 2017

Put On Purple: Thinking Out Loud #37

Happy Thursday! This week has gone by in gigantic blur following a series of mini emergencies, but thankfully I think everything is mostly back to normal. I am ready for one very long nap though because I am exhausted from running all over the place this week. The rest of the week is looking up though and the weather is gorgeous so I can't complain! Anywho let's jump right into this weeks thinking out loud

1. TOMORROW IS THE DAY!! Please wear purple tomorrow for put on purple to support people, like me, who have lupus and also to show support for research efforts. Post pictures on instagram, tag me, and use the hashtag #putonpurple to spread the word! It would mean a lot to myself and all the other lupus warriors if you would wear purple to show your support!

2. Sunday was my first real day back running. My doctor told me to take it easy and day by day. I really wanted to jump right back in and go gun hoe but I knew after two weeks of hardly running my body just wouldn't be able to handle it. I stuck with 3 miles and by no means was it a great run, but I got it done and walked away grateful to run. I'm slowly ramping back up on my miles though and plan to do so safely, but am also listening to my body.

3. It's rained the past number of mornings here so running outside in the early morning hasn't been possible so I've been sticking to the treadmill. The weather is finally warm but the heat is still on FULL BLAST at the gym. It's basically an inferno and I get so sweaty so fast🔥 I get sweaty while running, but good grief when it's close to 80F in the gym it's flat out miserable to run but it beats running in a thunderstorm.

4. I've been on a salad kick this past week and this one has been one of my favorite combinations. It's a mix of kale, spinach, arugula, and romaine topped with strawberries, avocado, tomatoes, goat cheese, dried tart cherries, and pan seared turkey sausage. It's packed with flavor and so dang good! I've even added a tad of organic poppyseed dressing on top and it blends so well with all the flavors👌

5. Luckily the storms and rain have cleared by mid morning and the rest of the day has been gorgeous so Cora and I have been soaking up as much vitamin D as possible. I felt bad leaving her alone so much early in the week so we made up for it yesterday afternoon. It was around 90F so she was in the lake a ton, but it felt nice to just be outside and enjoy the weather. I'm all for these warm temps😎

6. With all the hecticness I haven't even started packing for California yet and I leave in a few days😳 it's sending my OCD/planner self into a bit of a panic, but I'm setting aside time to pack this weekend. I'm heading out to the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa area to see my brother and I am so excited to be back in Cali. One day I hope to move out there because I love it so much. I'm super excited about getting açai bowls and exploring new running trails. If anyone has any restaurant, shopping, trail, etc. recommendations definitely comment and let me know👇

7. I've always been a quote person. I love finding them, I love keeping them and I love sharing them (if you hadn't already noticed on my instagram stories). I really loved this one because there's always chaos in the world. Everyone always seems to focus on the bad, but really there is still so much good in the world. Even if you see bad around you you can make a difference. The simple act of smiling, complimenting someone, or having a genuine conversation with someone can make ALL the difference. Fill your world with kindness and it will overflow into other peoples lives.

Have an amazing Thursday and PLEASE WEAR PURPLE TOMORROW!!

What is one thing you always look forward to doing on vacation?
Do you like stepping out of your comfort zone and explore new places, trying new foods, etc.?

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  1. I have my purple shirt set aside for tomorrow; thank you for reminding us Rachael! <3

    I'm excited that you were able to run this past week; it's amazing how an absence from running always makes me appreciate it even more. It will probably always be my favorite exercise.

    I LOVE exploring via running or walking on vacation; it's just such a fun/somewhat slow way of taking in the sights and sounds of a new place.

    ... I love how you step outside of your comfort zone Rachael; you're really adventurous and so fun to follow around on your adventures. I'm not as good at that; I like to stay in my comfy home and it's hard for me to step outside of that, but I need to do it more.