Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finals Week

The struggle to survive finals is real today! Yesterday, in addition to having three finals we got a foot of snow, then this morning so far we have gotten another five inches. I'm sick of snow and it's only the beginning of December! It's going to be a long winter :( I am almost tempted to board a plane and go to Maui. I miss warm weather, the sun, and spending carefree days on the beach. Santa if you happen to read this a one way ticket to Maui would be a wonderful Christmas present!

After trudging across campus twice for my two finals earlier in the day Tuesday I was freezing and starving. So, before my night class last night I had my own mini finals feast. I heated up some leftovers from my crockpot cranberry turkey breast which I had over rice, and I also had green beans tossed with silvered almonds. It was nice to have a hot meal before I had to brave the snow, wind, and freezing cold again to go back to campus for my last final. I can't wait until finals are over and I can go home to my family and my puppy! 

Have a great Wednesday and be safe out in the snow!

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