Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dancing the Night Away

I apologize for not posting anything recently. With numerous days of classes being cancelled due to all the snow professors slammed us with homework this week to make up for lost time. I have a back log of recipes to post so I hope to get some time soon to start getting some of them up for you.

But to give you a quick update last night my university had its Presidential Ball. Over 4,000 students went and many people from the community were there as well. It was so much fun to get all dolled up and dance late into the night with friends. I wore a simple black dress that had an awesome statement piece down the side. It wasn't too flashy, but it was simple and I felt pretty in it. A friend of ours took this picture of myself, far right, and two of my friends before we left for the ball.

Prior to ball I spent the day writing papers, so much fun right? I needed some down time with my friends to relax and forget about classes for a bit. Before I left to get ready with my friends I threw together leftovers from my crockpot chicken fajitas

I knew I was going to need fuel for dancing so I added extra kale, avocado chunks, and a sprinkle of cheese. I also had a bundle of grapes, gotta have a serving of fruit with the meal too!

I had so much fun at the ball, which was 007 themed. Waking up early this morning to workout after a late night was semi brutal, but it got the blood flowing and helped me power through my morning. I have more homework that needs to be done, so I'm off to get it done.Have a good night, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and be sure to check back soon for new recipes!

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