Thursday, October 9, 2014

Care Package

I love making people care packages. I think it's really fun to create a care package specifically tailored to what a person likes or needs. As strange as it sounds I also like putting the whole package together, it's kind of like a puzzle. You have to figure out the best way to position items and still make it look pretty, which is even more challenging if you are shipping the package instead of hand delivering it. 

This past week I put together a small care package for my brother who lives in California. He recently got a promotion at work and he was awesome enough to help me get my new iPhone 6 set up. He deserved a thank you and congratulations box.

My brother is a health and fitness junkie like myself so I knew it would not be too hard to put together a package he would like. Even on my small student budget I wanted it to be a nice package. I also had to consider shipping cost, which are frankly outrageous, so the box couldn't be as big or full as I would have liked. 

I included some of his favorite protein bars- Quest Bars and Pure Protein Bars.

When my brother came home during the summer to go up north with the family I got him hooked on KIND Bars. I threw in a few Madagascar Vanilla Almond KIND Bars and a Dark Chocolate Chunk KIND Healthy Grains Bar. 

A few weeks ago I had picked up a Jif Whips S'mores for myself at the grocery store. When I told my brother about it he thought it sounded amazing so I went back and picked one up for him and put it in his care package.

Right before I taped up the box I had some extra room, gotta utilize that free space! I threw in a Ziploc bag filled with fresh almonds from Costco and a Cocoa Almond Square Bar.

I wish I could have spent more and thrown in some additional items, but tight budgets don't always allow for such things. My brother is so appreciative of everything that I know he would like anything. Plus who doesn't like receiving a package full of goodies?!

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