Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Weekend Recap

As the end of the semester approaches time seems to by FLYING! I'm not sure how it is already Wednesday, it feels like it was just Sunday (Easter). Anyway I want to be better about posting weekend recaps so even though it's late I'll do a short Easter weekend recap

Even though it was Easter weekend my professors still piled on the homework. With the semester winding down I am buried in projects, presentations, and papers. The university I go to doesn't get Good Friday off, which doesn't really affect me because I don't have Friday classes. I did my normal grocery shopping and then set to work on an anthropology paper. The paper is worth twenty percent of my overall grade so I wanted to do a good job. I always do an extensive outline before writing a paper because I find it's easier to write the paper. I had been pushing this paper aside for awhile and even though it's not due until the class before exams I wanted to get it out of the way. Surprisingly I knocked the whole paper out in a day (it's a long paper). 

To back up for a second I did my normal Friday workout before grocery shopping. I have been lifting weights more and cutting back a little on cardio. Does anyone else get crazy hungry after lifting?! I have upped my macros to fit in more protein so I stay full longer, but I have to be careful because my body is very sensitive and I have to increase ridiculously slow otherwise I get really sick. Normally I have some type of salad for lunch but to pack extra protein I added a hard boiled egg and a salmon packet. Plus I had 1/2 cup cottage cheese. I can't stand plain cottage cheese so I always add fruit.

I switched my rest day to Saturday because I was up late finishing my paper. Instead of hitting the gym I cleaned, ran some errands, worked on presentations, and did some recipe testing. Saturday night/early Sunday morning was not pleasant. I had run errands and picked up an arctic zero as a treat. I didn't even have a full 1/2 cup but was up for most of the night sicker than sick. It started as a horrible headache and progressed from there. I felt and looked like I got beat up Sunday morning at church for Easter service. As the day wore on I started to feel better and I did a glute workout. 

Sadly I couldn't be home with my family for Easter (for the third year in a row). Since I wasn't feeling super wonderful I wanted something simple after Easter service at church. I went with the classic açai bowl. I used açai powder and blended 1/3 small banana, approx. 1 cup frozen berry blend and some almond milk. I topped it with banana slices, strawberry slices, a few blueberries, a sliced kiwi and 2 tablespoons of granola. The bright colors definitely remind me of Easter. 

Thankfully I get to go home this weekend and have a delayed Easter dinner with my parents. I am really excited to see them and see my puppy! I've missed Cora and all her nuttiness! 

What did you do for Easter? P.S. did you notice the new background? I thought it could use a little sprucing up :)

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