Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday Morning Oatmeal and Glute and Arm Workout

Good Saturday morning! It's always so refreshing to wake up and know it's the weekend. I am definitely feeling better this morning, which is a good thing because I need to start packing to move home for the summer. I hate the whole packing/unpacking process. I've become more organized and now label every box so I know exactly what is in it and where it should go. OCD? Maybe, but it's way better than digging through ten boxes to find your straightener.

Anyway this morning I used a 98% empty Jif Whips maple brown sugar peanut butter container for oatmeal. Normally I use containers for overnight oats, but this morning I made 1/2 cup of hot oats and then transferred them into the peanut butter container. Why did I do this? Because when you put hot oats in the container any of the peanut butter that is stuck to the sides melts off and flavors the oats making them even more delicious! 

Normally my oats are very basic, but this morning I was feeling festive so I added sprinkles. I always add fruit to my oats. This morning I had 4 small strawberries, 1/8 cup fresh blueberries, and about 5 raspberries. I love how fresh the fruit is and the combo of peanut butter oats and fruit is the bomb!

After having my oats I went and worked out. This morning was all about the weights. I'm sure I forgot a few exercises I did, I need to get better about remembering my workout so I can write it down after I do it. 

The SS indicates a superset, which means that there is no/minimal rest (no more than 30 seconds) between sets. With each set I increased my weights to get more of a burn. Normally I do a separate glute and arm day but because I was sick this week I missed a day so I sort of combined them. I always stretch before and after working out and always have a giant water bottle nearby. It's important to stay hydrated when working out. 

I'm off to bring a friend breakfast and then it's time to pack (or take a nap....). Have a great Saturday! 

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