Thursday, February 16, 2017

Recently and Thinking Out Loud #24

Happy Thursday! I was actually prepared for Thursday for a change, but I make no promises about next week😁 I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day regardless of whether you celebrated with a special someone or not. If you are single look on the bright side you don't have to share dessert or any of your food with anyone😜 

This week's thinking out loud is a combo of random thoughts and recent life happenings. It's always nice to have something to share because sometimes the day to day happenings can be rather boring. Cheers to another round of randomness🍻 

1. I decided I needed some change so I got my hair cut and took a lot off. While it may not look short to you, it's short to me. I have almost always had long hair and I'm not one who likes to cut my hair often. I have no problem getting a trim, but big changes for me are hard. It might sound silly but a large part of why I haven't cut my hair is because a LOT of my hair fell out when I was newly diagnosed with lupus. I don't think guys understand what that means to a girl but it's really hard. Luckily most of my hair has grown back but I still lose a lot more than the average person on a daily basis. I finally let me cousin who's also my hair stylist cut my hair and it's definitely a change. My bun feels so small when I go to the gym🙆 

2. Friday was my boyfriend's birthday but sadly he had an exam on his birthday so he wasn't able to get away for the day. I had a fun weekend of surprises planned for him but I did not want to not see him on his birthday so I packed up his presents and the cake I made him and made the trek down to see him. He was in love with his birthday cake- it was a chocolate piñata cake with chocolate frosting (recipe here) and in the piñata part I put cut up Reese's cups because those are his favorite candies. Him and his roommates were pretty stoked about the cake and it was all gone by the next day. 

3. I had Saturday all planned out for my boyfriend but wouldn't tell him anything so it was a surprise. We just kind of hung around in the afternoon but I made dinner reservations at his favorite restaurant BD's Mongolian BBQ. Afterward I took him to a trampoline park where I surprised him with a bunch of his friends and his best friend who he rarely gets to see. Everyone was like little kids at the trampoline park and after an hour and a half of jumping we were all exhausted and thirsty. We ended up at Dave and Buster's because the guys were hungry and all of us wanted drinks. 

4. I got a spiced strawberry sangria and it was so good! A nearby table ordered and paid for a drink but left before it came so our waitress brought it over to our table. We let my BF have it since it was his birthday. It was a mango passion smashtail and oh my goodness was it delicious! He's not super big on fruity drinks but I had no problem having at least half of it. If you're ever at Dave and Buster's I HIGHLY recommend the mango peach smashtail🙌 After having drinks we hit the games and didn't leave until after 1am (WAY past this grannies bedtime). My boyfriend and I are determined to have a rematch in air hockey because we both scored on ourselves multiple times🙈

5. One of my friends posted a bunch of funny animal pictures on Facebook. I was cracking up as I was going through them because Cora does something similar to this😂 don't get me wrong I love Cora but she is definitely not the brightest dog. 

6. I am not huge into celebrating Valentine's Day, it's a bit too much of a Hallmark holiday for me plus I've had some fairly awful Valentine's Days in the past. This year my boyfriend decided to surprise me and would not tell me anything about what we were doing. I'm a pretty simple girl so I would have been happy to stay at home, cook and watch a movie. The only thing he told me was that we were going out and I needed to wear a dress. I wore a simple long sleeve red dress, gold necklace and brown boots (similar dress here and similar necklace here). He showed up with a beautiful bouquet of roses and snagged reservations to a restaurant I've been wanting to try because it has a lot of allergy friendly options. We came back from dinner, changed into comfy clothes and watched a movie for the rest of the night. 

7. I knew my BF was going to do something sweet for Valentine's Day despite me telling him not to so I made him a GIANT Reese's peanut butter cup. I shared the recipe earlier in the week. It was a smashing success with my best friend and it got the same response from my BF. It's a winner and super easy to make! Considering his birthday cake didn't last a full 24 hours I'm having my doubts this will last very long😜

8. I read a post by one of the amazing bloggers I follow and it struck a chord with me. Emily who blogs at Beauty In Christ shared her post , "A Single Gal's Thoughts on Valentine's Day." So often people grumble about being single on Valentine's Day but why can't you be happy regardless of what season of life you're in? You don't need a relationship to make you happy and if you think that then you're going to be sorely disappointed. Emily shared some reasons why she's loving the season of life she's in and I have to agree. I loved being single. I loved being unattached and doing whatever my heart desired. Now I'm in a relationship but I'm loving this season of life too. It's nice to have someone to go to events with (as a date) and to share the mundane things in life with. Emily is absolutely right that you can be happy on Valentine's Day regardless of what season of life you're in. 

I'll end things there for this week. Have a terrific Thursday and a fantastic weekend!

What's the best birthday you've ever had?
Did you do anything fun for Valentine's Day?


  1. Sounds like both you & your BF knocked it out of the park this week!

    Since VD is my birthday, I do enjoy it -- OTOH, I can never make plans with friends because they're all doing stuff with their SOs.

    Which also brings me to my last point -- yes, you have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with anyone else. My husband used to travel a lot for work & I've spend many birthdays by myself -- some of the biggies, too!

    1. Happy belated birthday!! I think having a Valentine's Day birthday would be so fun- minus not being able to make plans with friends- but it's double the reason to celebrate! And the picture of the flowers your hubby got you looked gorgeous!! I hope you get a chance to celebrate your birthday some more this weekend!!

  2. Ok, so I love how your boyfriend made Valentines' Day really special for you; what an unexpected blessing from God! God's love is just SO BIG for us Rach! And husky memes get me every time, because we have huskies who make really really crazy face expressions.

    Your new hair cut is pretty! :) I know what it feels like to have a really tiny bun; it's kind of freeing when you go on a run. :)

    1. Awe thank you Emily! He is definitely a keeper ;) Huskies are so cute!! I've seen pictures of your two pups and they are absolutly adorable!! I LOVE big puppies and huskies always have so much personality.
      I always wear it in a bun at the gym and running but my pony was so short at the trampoline park with my BF it kept whipping me in the face haha. The struggle.
      P.S. I've been loving your podcast Em!!