Saturday, March 29, 2014

5 Mile Run and Post Workout Protein

The lingering winter weather left me feeling a little blue, but it was nothing a good gym session couldn't fix. My legs needed a good run and I need to start training again for the summer races I want to do. 

It was not my best time, but it's always better to run then to regret not running later. Sometimes when I just need to think I go out and run and won't even look at my time. Running doesn't always have to be a sport it can just be for pleasure. 

After a long workout I always refuel with healthy and natural protein. I had another bowl of oats with greek yogurt, cinnamon, blueberries, 1/2 small banana, and kiwi.

I loved the sweet taste of this combination of fruit and oats. Oats will help curb your hunger and bananas are always great to eat after a grueling workout. And I know the greek yogurt mixed with oats sounds weird, everyone always knocked me for it until they tried it and now they love it too! 

Hope you're enjoying the weekend and I hope to get a few more recipes up soon. Sorry for the delay, as the semester winds down I have a ton of papers and projects to do. I'd rather be in the kitchen or typing up posts for you, but the work has got to get done.

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