Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WIAW: 30 Day Challenge Week 2

Happy Wednesday! I'm semi-proud of myself for remembering to do another WIAW. Normally I'd document Monday or Tuesday, but seeing as I had sinus surgery on Monday and couldn't eat I couldn't document it. So, I documented Sunday instead. Weekend eating is a little different for me because I don't typically meal plan Saturday and Sunday, even during the 30 day challenge I haven't planned Saturday and Sunday. 

Surprise, surprise breakfast hasn't changed! I had baked cinnamon pear oatmeal and later added a small drizzle of walden farms pancake syrup. I love baked oatmeal because I can add extra egg white for added protein to help keep me full longer.  

I was hungry after running around for a bit in the morning, so I snacked on a few medjool dates, which I properly stuffed with peanut butter. I highly recommend dates and peanut butter, it's so good! 

Lunch was a hodgepodge of leftovers from the week. Pan seared lemon tempeh, roasted sweet potato, green beans, banana slices with PB2, and blackberries.

Not gonna lie dinner was one of my favorites that I've had in awhile! I finally tried Banza pasta, which is pasta made from chickpeas! It's an allergen friendly pasta and it tastes great! I haven't had pasta in YEARS so I gobbled it right up. Not even my mom could tell the difference between Banza and regular pasta. I topped with pasta with organic tomato sauce (made from only tomatoes). I also had roasted asparagus, a portabella mushroom burger, and a honeycrisp apple (not pictured).

Later while watching a movie I had 1/2 a banana topped with a dollop of organic honey, a sprinkle of Purely Elizabeth pumpkin fig granola, and a small handful of raspberries (not pictured because I had already eaten them).

What are you eating today? What's your favorite snack to have between meals? Have a great Wednesday!!

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