Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WIAW: 30 Day Challenge Week 3

Happy Wednesday! It's officially halfway through the week and I'm happy to say I'm officially on the mend from all of last weeks craziness (see here). I am still doing the 30 day challenge despite everything that's happened. Since the whole hospital episode happened I've been on a really, really restricted diet. The doctors wants my pancreas to heal, which means a very bland, very low fat diet. 

Honestly, my body hasn't been able to handle a lot of food since everything happened so my WIAW is a little sparse. I know the haters will come out and say I need to eat more, but I'm recovering from pancreatitis and following doctors orders and listening to my body. Things take time to heal and I know that I will eventually get back to normal, but I thought I'd still do a WIAW to show you what I have been able to eat while recovering (LOTS of carbs). 

I'm still allowed to have baked cinnamon pear oatmeal for breakfast, although I'm limited to a few select fruits because my doctors don't want me having anything acidic. Basically there's been a LOT of pear action going on. 

My mom has been really awesome in helping me come up with foods to eat. I'm not allowed to have raw apples, but my doctor said applesauce is ok. My mom makes KILLER applesauce and it doesn't have any sugar or anything in it. It's just apples (I'll have to get her to share her recipe sometime soon!). For lunch I had my mom's apple sauce, some roasted and mashed buttercup squash, a kiwi (my doctor wants me having LOTS of vitamin C), and a cinnamon banana bread muffin

Dinner has been a hard one because a lot of days I'm not hungry at all and other days I still get a bit crampy when I eat. The struggle to get protein in has been real, especially when I don't feel like eating. For dinner I had a bowl of Banza chickpea pasta, which helped me get some protein in, and I had a Salad Power drink (full review coming soon). Since I can't eat veggies right now the Salad Power drinks are great for helping me get my veggies in and my doctor gave them a stamp of approval nutritionally and taste wise! 

Go ahead and hate on me, but I'm doing the best I can and allowing my body to heal. Pancreatitis is no joke peps! Have a great Wednesday!

Have you ever been on a restricted diet? How did you manage and what were your go to meals?

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