Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Funday, Well Sort Of

My brain is fried. I will most definitely be crashing in bed ridiculously early on this gloomy Sunday night. This weekend has been packed with homework, but I have made progress and I even squeezed in a few hours of fun with my best friend yesterday! 

Today I majorly got down to business. I worked out extra hard this morning, upping my resistance on the elliptical and going for 40 minutes, I will be feeling the burn tomorrow morning! I also did longer than normal on the treadmill on the hills setting, but I was walking not running. My body needed some time off running so I have not run at all this weekend. 

On my way back from church this morning, thankfully I got back before the severe weather hit (a tornado watch in November who would have thunk?!), I stopped and picked up a berry pecan spring mix salad. I topped the salad with frozen peaches that I heated up and cut into chunks. Because all the fruit was so sweet I did not add any dressing.

With my salad I had a glass of unsweetened Almond Milk and banana slices smeared with PB2.

Most of my day has been spent studying because I have two exams, a project, and a research paper to do. I hate the end of the semester! 

A snapshot of what my life looks like.
For dinner I decided I treat myself with my favorite, breakfast for dinner. I made my delicious chocolate protein pancakes along with eggs, turkey bacon, a peach, and milk. 

If you haven't tried my chocolate protein pancakes yet you are seriously missing out!

I'm going to go back to studying for my exam tomorrow. Have a good night and be on the lookout for a delicious new crockpot recipe tomorrow!

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