Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to the Grind

I have seriously been slacking on the blog front and I apologize! Life has been incredibly crazy since we left the cabin last Saturday. If coming back from vacation isn't enough, tomorrow I move back to college only adding to the craziness. I promise I will get more recipes up this weekend after I move into my new apartment.

After we got back from the cabin, unpacked, got groceries and finally sat down we were all exhausted- even Cora was tired. Nobody felt like cooking, so we picked up Boston Market. There are plenty of healthy choices at Boston Market, but there are also some not so healthy choices so it is important to order carefully and check the nutrition facts.

We ordered plain chicken breasts, green beans, steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes. I had a little bit of chicken, but the vegetables are my favorite. I loaded up on green beans and steamed vegetables.

While on vacation I was good about working out in the mornings. I didn't have the weights and all the equipment I normally use at the gym, but I ran or power walked in the mornings. I did indulge in a few treats, but we all need to treat ourselves occasionally.

Since being back home I have been hitting the gym making up for lost time. I've been getting back into the grove of things slowly getting my mileage back up on the bike since I can't currently run due to lupus pain in my back.

One of the big changes I made when I got home was I had over half a foot of hair chopped off at a local salon. I love my long hair, but I needed a change and I was about ten minutes away from pulling a Brittney Spears and shaving it off. How come I can't get my hair to look half as good as my stylist? 

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