Friday, August 15, 2014

Review: JoJo's Natural Market

I was bummed I couldn't go ATVing with the guys the other day because it's to bumpy and jerky, which would be painful for my joints. I wasn't about to let that keep me down, so I did a little research and I found a natural market. The market was not close by, but the guys would be gone all day so I packed some snacks and made the drive.

I am so glad I made the drive the market was amazing! The place is called JoJo's Natural Market and if you're ever in Northern Michigan I HIGHLY recommend making the drive to check them out. I think one of the workers was slightly concerned because I was so excited. JoJo's had every brand I've ever wanted to try all at affordable prices- most of their prices beat Amazon! 

For being a small store they had a wide selection of everything from organic locally grown produce to meats to baking needs to vitamins and organic shampoos. I literally could have bought the entire store. I was beyond excited when I found Wild Friends Sesame Cranberry Peanut Butter. I had done extensive research and stores in Michigan don't carry that brand- until I came into JoJo's! I also found Square Bars, which are extremely hard to find anywhere. I may have bought a square bar in every flavor....

The workers were also extremely friendly. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted and the worker asked if he could help me find anything. I really appreciated that the workers were friendly, asked how I was doing and if I needed help, but didn't hoover while I was browsing. I hate when I feel like I'm being watched when browsing in a store, but I did not get that sense at all in JoJo's. 

Overall the store is fantastic! I had to restrain myself from completely emptying my bank account there. If you're ever in Northern Michigan you must check out JoJo's Natural Market, I know I'll be driving back next year! Click here for more information about JoJo's.

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