Friday, September 5, 2014

Move In Meal

Does moving make anyone else grumpy? I hate moving. It's stressful and somehow it never fails to be close to 90 degrees with 100% humidity on the days I move. This year moving back to school was no different, however I finally got a bit smarter. 

Instead of unloading all the boxes, being all sweaty and grumpy and then having to go grocery shopping I packed food for dinner and breakfast the next day so I could be in a pleasanter state of being while I grocery shopped. 

I was not hungry for dinner by the time I got all the boxed unloaded and some things put away. Because I knew it would be hot I packed a basic salad and a sweet potato, so I wouldn't have something heavy sitting in my gut. The salad is the same salad as the firework salad so I'm using the picture from that post because my salad wasn't exactly 'photogenic' after being excessively tossed during the moving process. 

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