Saturday, April 4, 2015

Catch Up: Weekend at Home

I still have so much to catch up on it's crazy. I am happy to report that I have officially finished all my paper I have to write and ahead of schedule- whoop whoop! Now I can officially relax until finals. To celebrate I got myself a facial mask and an arctic zero. It's about to be a relaxing night! 

I have been trying to get my Maui posts up and still post recipes so I haven't posted anything about what I've been up to recently (besides school). A few weeks ago I went home and I never shared any picture from that so I figured I'd share some now :)

Did you really expect me not to share a picture of Cora? I don't think it's possible to go home and not take a least a zillion picture of her I mean that face! Of course she got a new toy when I came home and surprisingly all the limbs and stuffing stayed intact for a solid 24 hours. That is a record for her!

Of course I have been on an açai kick since Maui, but really nothing will ever compare to a Hawaiian açai bowl. I definitely did not have a stunning view to look at while eating it either, there was still snow on the ground. I have been sticking to the basic toppings, banana, strawberries and blueberries with a light honey drizzle. Maybe I will get adventurous one day and try something new. Any suggestions for delicious toppings? I use sambazon frozen unsweetened açai superfruit packs or Nativia Naturals organic açai powder to make the açai bowl.

I love granola and generally I prefer to make my own, but I just haven't had time. I have been hunting for months for a gluten free granola that is low in sugar, low in carbs and has very few ingredients. I finally found it! McCabe's granola is amazing! Check out the macros:

13C/8F/4P. Most granolas-both gluten free and regular, contain anywhere from 30-45 grams of carbs per serving! Not to mention they are loaded with sugars and chemicals. I have been adding it to smoothie bowls, parfaits and just munching on it out of the bag. It's really good and I highly recommend it and no I am NOT being paid or given free products to say that. It's just me honest opinion. 

I also discovered I enjoyed brussels sprouts. I guess that's weird? I had them once a long time ago and did not care for them, but I gave them another try and actually really enjoy them. I will have to include them in meal prep sometime soon. 

The reason I had to go home was because I had a doctors appointment with my rheumatologist who helps me manage my lupus. I have never been fond of going to the doctor. Generally I'd suck it up or diagnosis my self using WebMD- never a good idea, let's leave it to the medical professionals. Over the past year and a half I've been so many doctor appointments that I genuinely just don't care about going to the doctor. It's not a big deal. My doctors are awesome and I'm really thankful for all of them- don't ask me how many I have there's too many to count. 

My parents were super sweet and gave me a care package when I left to go back to school. They know me so well- lots of Quest Bars, Quest Protein Powder and Snickerdoodle Almond Butter from Buff Bake! The protein powder is awesome and I love it! I just wish it wasn't so expensive! The Buff Bake is really good too! I have had their chocolate chip peanut butter before and the snickerdoodle did not disappoint! I'm so grateful for my parents. They have been such an awesome support system for me in dealing with the lupus and have been there for me every step of the way. 

I think I have rambled on long enough I will post a more current update soon. Enjoy the weekend and Happy pre-Easter!

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