Friday, August 8, 2014

Almost There

Happy FRIDAY!! I am kicking off this cloudy Friday morning while watching the sunrise over the lake. I also have ants in my pants about tomorrow because I am participating in a 5K. 

The past few months have been a roller coaster ride with my health and one of the things that was brought up was I might never get back to where I was running wise. It was a devastating blow especially after working so hard to build up mileage. After months of being unable to run I started running again, but it became an extremely frustrating task. I couldn't- and still can't- perform at the level I used to and that is a hard pill to swallow. Long story short, I am still nowhere near where I used to be- and yes sometimes I am way too hard on myself about it- but I am not letting the voice in my head get me down. I AM running in this 5K and I won't beat myself up over my time.

I have been working really hard hitting the trails in the mornings to get ready for the 5K tomorrow morning. It hasn't been easy, but I am excited to race tomorrow. Yesterday I ran on the trails around the cabin and besides being eaten alive by mosquitoes I felt surprisingly good. 

After I finished, cooled down and stretched I grabbed a quick lunch before heading out to enjoy the lake with some family.

I still had my Michigan Salad leftovers from the other night, so I reheated the grilled chicken in the microwave and added in a hard boiled egg for extra protein. I also had a cup of fresh cherries- they are in season here in Michigan and they are so good! Anyone have any good cherry recipes to share?

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