Wednesday, February 10, 2016

WIAW: 30 Day Challenge Week 5

It's weird to think I only have one day left of the 30 day challenge. In some ways its seemed like a long month (a LOT has happened), but in other ways I really haven't missed eating meat. In a lot of ways I've been pushed to think outside the box, which I have really enjoyed. I don't like to get stuck in a rut of eating only this or that, so being exposed to a wider range of vegetarian and vegan options has been a lot of fun. I'll write up a whole post about my experience after it's over. Here's my last 30 day challenge WIAW!

Oats are involved, but I have been switching it up! My current obsession has been this raspberry banana bread bake. It's like a personal banana bread loaf bursting with sweet raspberries and not to mention the sauce- raspberry sugar cookie peanut butter! AH-MAZING! It's drool worthy y'all. 

Lunch has been a hodgepodge of things over the last few days, but I've been digging the veggies HARD. The "sandwich" is a paleo english muffin topped with avocado, spinach, roma tomato, and cooked egg whites. I've been a cauliflower and carrot eating machine recently (I have no regrets) and of course I had to have a pear in there somewhere ;)


The past few days have been fairly hectic so dinner has been eaten in a rush (hence ugly picture). Nothing fancy here just plain white rice, sautéed bell peppers, some fresh cauliflower, a gluten free veggie burger topped with roma tomato slices, and not pictured some mashed buttercup squash. I've also been munching on fresh fruit while I've been on the go, my go to is an apple because it's hard to make a mess with an apple. 

Have a great Wednesday! What have you been eating? What is your favorite snack to take with you in the car?

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