Fitness Frenzy

I love changing up my workout because change keeps me from getting bored. Trying new workouts keep me motivated and constantly working all the muscle groups. Generally I workout everyday, but not always in the gym. I do 45-60 minutes of cardio almost every day and lift weights 6 times a week. If I'm not in the gym I'm staying active by walking, hiking, running, swimming, or chasing my dog around. Workouts dont only have to be done in the gym.

Sometimes I like to challenge myself with workouts I find on Pintrest. Below are some of the workouts I've found and liked, as well as links to workouts I have posted. I am working on developing my own workout program if anyone is interested and would like to get a copy when I am done.

Total Body Workout
Total Body Meltdown and Cardio
Glute and Arm Workout
Arm/Shoulder Circuit Training

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