Thursday, October 8, 2015

Circuit Training

It's been awhile since I posted a workout. Each day of the week I work a different group of muscles and I always try to switch up what moves I do to keep my body guessing. You want to get the most out of your workout and work up a sweat, which this workout will definitely have you sweating. 

Each circuit should take around 7 minutes. Do not rush through the circuits! Use proper form and if you feel a move is too each then you're probably not using enough weight. You can also increase the amount of reps. This workout is mainly focused on the arms, but the third circuit throws in leg and ab moves to get a better burn. To get an even better burn hold weights while doing box step ups and Bulgarian spilt squats.

Complete circuit one, then two, then three, THEN go back and repeat circuits one through three, before finally doing them for a third time. Be prepared to sweat and feel the burn! 

I'd love to see your gym photos so tag me on instagram and use the hashtag #thesimplelife. Happy sweating!

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