Sunday, August 3, 2014

Road Tripping

Yesterday morning after a quick workout I left for a mini road trip. I had fueled up with my chocolate deluxe protein parfait beforehand, so I was not about to start munching on all the not so healthy road trip snacks. 

Cora is not a good road tripper. She has to have medication before getting the car otherwise she gets extremely carsick. I've cleaned more dog barf out of my car than I care to so the medication was a must! 

To avoid a snack temptation I packed my own food for the trip. I consider eating in the car a skill- and yes I need to practice! I did not want to pack something messy because who wants to clean crumbs out of their car? Not me. I stuck with something simple, yet I made sure it had enough protein to keep me going. 

For lunch I packed an almond butter banana sandwich. I used 2 tablespoons Maranatha Creamy Almond Butter on a slice of gluten free bread and topped it with 1/2 of a banana cut into slices. With my sandwich I packed a bottle of water and half of a gigantic granny smith apple.

After unloading and unpacking I reached for the california turkey griller salad I was smart enough to pack for dinner. The only addition to the salad I made was a hard boiled egg (not pictured). 

I was tuckered out after traveling and unpacking (I HATE unpacking with a passion). I hit the hay early, but still got up early to workout. I laced up my sneakers and hit the trails and pavement for a short run. YES I GET TO RUN AGAIN! Sadly I am back to square one building up my mileage (again), but I am running! It was beyond refreshing to breathe in crisp, clean air in the early morning sun.

I need to stop procrastinating and write my internship essay that is due in two days, but I have a delicious strawberry banana protein smoothie to share tomorrow. Enjoy the last bit of the weekend!

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